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The Good News

First, the bad news:

The difference between
Who I am and who I want to be
Is eternity. It is impossible.
I know what it is like to stand
At the shore of the Red Sea
Heart wild-eyed as it drowns
In the impossibility of what
It sees ahead, the distance
From here to there. Death.
Panic. Despairing even of life.

I know what it feels like to
Stare deep into the eyes
Of impossible. How those eyes
Make you want to burrow down
Deep into your bed and hide. I know.

But here is the good news:
The distance between who I am
And who I want to be
Isn’t nearly as far as I think.

The same impossible God
Who made the way for Moses
To cross the Red Sea,
He is here. Right now. Fire
In my bones, Spirit in my spirit,
Christ inside of me. Impossible.
And yet, here He is. The same God
Who raises dead people,
Gives barren women children,
Splits seas in half, makes the
Sun stand still, rains down fire,
Gives sight to the blind,
Makes the crippled leap and dance,
And here’s the coup de grace:
Transforms the lump of coal 
We call the human heart
Into a something soft and
Able to be moved.
Able to love. Impossible.

And that’s the good news.
The distance between Point A
And impossible Point B is exactly the width
Of God. His broad back is wide enough
To span the gap. He is the Lord.
There is no distance. 

The distance between
Me and that impossible thing
God is calling me to be or do,
Or give up, or take on:

It’s not distance at all.
Not really. Once God is involved.

I can’t tell you how many times
I’ve stood at the banks of the Red Sea
My enemies hot on my heels,
The sea of impossibility right in my face,
Drowning me in the thickness and weight
Of my fears and doubts, my eyes
Nailed to the simple, bitter reality
Of there, ahead of me, on the other side,
The place I long to be, the place my heart yearns
And wails and weeps to go, so far out of reach
I can’t even begin to count
The miles, the light years. 

So many times it has happened.

And I cry out to God, and I wrestle
With Him, I make pathetic sounds,
I find a quiet place and howl in my soul.
And somehow, suddenly,
My heart crosses over
Even before I do, my heart begins to believe
And it soars high and away,
It crosses over. This is faith.
The miracle. The necessary
Spark that fans into flame:
I somehow believe the impossible
To be possible. This is what God loves.
For His children to say in their hearts:
“I don’t see it, but I believe. With God
All things are possible.”

And when this happens
Watch out. My heart has crossed over
And now all of me is following
I take steps and
Seas split, the ground shudders
In my path, reality bends and bows down
To its master, the Will of God.
Nothing can stand in my way
When faith paves the road for action
In accordance with God’s will
And His Word.

And suddenly I am on
The far shore, the impossible place.
The place I couldn’t see a way to. 
And looking back, I watch the waves crash down
Upon the armies of my fears and doubts.
My enemies are scattered and drowned.
Thunderous waves obliterate their shouts.

And I glory in God, My God,
Who has a mighty hand, who
Lays the smack-down on impossible,
Who retells me afresh, who retells me
Like a story of redemption and grace,
Who erases my ending and writes me
A new one full of victory and glory. 
Who gives me beauty for ashes.
Who bears me up on His shoulders
Like a Father lifts His boy.

God is for me
What I can never be for myself.
He takes me on a world tour of my infirmities
So I can understand my need.
He allows me to bathe in the distance.
He shows me impossible, face to face. 
God will take me into situations
Where I end, so that He
Can begin. This is not strange.
This is not the exception.
This is the mystery, this is
The story, full of God’s passion
And glory. Full of aching color,
Death, rebirth. The strong green
Shoots bursting through
Stone. Resurrection.

This is my life. 

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