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Instructions for Walking on Water

This is how you walk on water:
You look unto Jesus. You close your eyes
To the impossible and look at the
Radiant one, standing there,
A miracle in flesh. Extending His hand
For you to follow Him right into
Impossible. To do the impossible
Like it was nothing. Walk on water.

The water I sink into
Is me, myself.
I am a quagmire.
I am so aware of all
My frailties and failures,
My flaws and sins and brokenness.
I fail. That's what I do.

And when I look at this, when I gaze
At these broken scarred hands,
Scarred soul, battered and filthy,
That is when I sink. Hard and fast
As a stone. I suffocate, I choke
On me. The impossibility of any
Good thing ever coming of this mess.
The convincingly simple mathematics
Of multiplied failure.

Because I am an insecure
Coward. When you
Look up Johnny Levy
In the dictionary of life,
That is what you will find.

And that is why I so desperately need
The Savior who can walk on water.
Who grows beautiful flowers
In pots of compost and refuse.
Who turns water into wine.

Who walks above this,
And invites me to walk with him.
Above me.

And I will rise when I see
Your radiant face, when I
Forget the waves around me,
When I forget me. When I forget the Ocean
Of all that I am incapable of
And it is swallowed up in Christ.

The impossible One.

I will rise today.
And yes, it is impossible.
The math doesn't add up.
And yes, it is happening.

Today. I will rise.

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