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She Thrives

The treasure and the charge of the church is Christ. 
When He is lost, the church ceases to be alive, 
Mysterious, supernatural. And it becomes a system
Like any other system. There are good and bad
Systems. Reflecting the proficiency, priorities, and tendencies 
Of their human architects.  But the church, 
She is not a system. No, she is something more, 

The Greatness of Your Name

 Lord, you are my song, You are my joy, 

You are my defense, my quiet place. 

The chaos of the world pounds ears and heart. 

My soul gets twisted up in knots with fear.

And so I call on you in depths of night. 

When everyone else is nestled and asleep, 

I lay down wrapped in black and plead my cause

And remember that your glory is my gain


 Thoughts of pride

Come unbidden, 

Swelling like a comforting, 

Wonderful wave 

In my soul. 

And I am surprised

To find this evil in my heart. 

And dismayed. I start

Bailing foul water in a state of

Panic, what if God sees

This and smites me down? 

I try to change my thoughts, 

Yell at my brain. 

Panic. Worry. Drown.  

Sewer Dove

 There is a Dove. 

White as lightning. 

My chest is a cage. 

Sometimes I feel

The rustle and flutter

Of the Beautiful;


The Day of Vengeance


Some believe

The Devil

Does not exist.

In Miami, one day,

A man named Rudy Eugene

Strips off his clothes, 

In broad daylight, downtown

Picks a random homeless man 

And throws him on the ground 

And proceeds 

To eat his screaming face off 

For 18 blood soaked minutes. 


Black Hole

Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst. [John 6:35]

The soul
Is a hungry thing.
A longing thing.
A crying thing.

It tears itself up
With desire.

We are black holes.
Sucking with the force
Of collapsing stars,
Tearing apart the very
Fabric of reality
With our hunger.

The Ladders

 There is a man

Sitting cross legged and sore

Surrounded by ladders. 

Dust is his relative. 

Familiar and cool

Against him. Low. 

Grabs a cool handful

Spill it from fingers to palm.

Breathes the smoke of it.

Mesmerized by dust. 


Words Spoken Well (Audio)


Special thanks to James Butler for producing this track! 

You can see more of his work at IR Productions.   



 You know, I’ve done my homework. 

Checked out out the other religions out there. 

And I think my wife and I are ready

To take the plunge into Christianity. 

We like the whole “going to heaven thing.” 

You know 41% of the U.S. is protestant, 

According to the 2013 Gallup poll? Yep. 


Unicorn Warrior Princess

My Amara Joy. 

5 years old. 






I still get snuggles

On the down-low.