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Guest Poet: Love

A poem by Sarah Levy

Little did I know
while I was playing in the sand with you
dancing in the shallows
the waves exciting, fun…a plaything
Little did I know
I got in the boat with you
sun still shining like glass
on the water
the wind still, water warm
Little did I know
The waves got bigger, stronger
The seashore seemed to me like another life
Waves bigger than we could have imagined
the sky dark and ugly, mad and mean
Little did I know
Still in the boat
Patching it up with you
Patching you up, patching me up
The Creator still sustaining us-
the one who brought the sun, the one who brought the storm
Little did I know
We still visit that shore
laugh and play in the waves
Build castles in the sand and
Little did I know
By his grace our boat still sails
The sun still shines on the water like glass
Still takes us out to the deep
Where, surprisingly, I am no longer afraid
I know now that the boat will hold…and whether or not
the sun shines and the waves dance-
this boat-This boat is strong and sturdy
Made from the good stuff
tried and tested and
Still Sailing
Love…Love is still sailing

--Sarah Levy
January 7, 2011

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