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Ownership Has Transferred

I lay all my rights at your feet
I am nothing
And I deserve nothing.
In fact, I deserve destruction and damnation.
I give away my silly entitlements;
All my perceived rights and entitlements
That hinder me from a 100% abandonment to your will.
I give myself wholly to your will
I trust myself wholly to your love
Whether you humble me or exalt me
Whether you bring prosperity or calamity
I am your clay
Bend me whatever way
By the power of grace
I will not complain
But rather sing praises
And give a heart-cry
“Continue! Forward! A-men! So be it!”
No matter how much it hurts.
Where I go or don’t go
Need not concern me.
What I become or don’t become
Is none of my business.
What I have or don’t have
Is not my issue to worry about.
I am a paper ship
Floating on your current
In a rain gutter.
I am a dry leaf
Spun here and there
By the wind.
I surrender the right
To my opinions.
I surrender the right
To protest, hold my ground,
Claw for a handhold.
I have no journey
No destination
But what you want.
You’re the boss of me.
You’re driving
And I am a dead man
In the trunk.
It doesn’t need
To be fine with me.
Here is my forever permission.
My oath.
I am yours forever
And whatever that means
I am yours forever.
Do whatever you please.

Help me
To mind my own business
And stay out
Of yours.

I am your business.

Has transferred.

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