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The Greatness of Your Name

 Lord, you are my song, You are my joy, 

You are my defense, my quiet place. 

The chaos of the world pounds ears and heart. 

My soul gets twisted up in knots with fear.

And so I call on you in depths of night. 

When everyone else is nestled and asleep, 

I lay down wrapped in black and plead my cause

And remember that your glory is my gain

I remember that your glory is my gain.

For your glory is the end of all the earth 

Your glory is the reason I was made

To shine your goodness is my highest aim. 

I remember that your glory is my gain. 

And that small memory changes everything. 

I have nothing to lose but self and all to gain

My name is small, but worthy is your name.

I know that I indeed do labor well

When I labor for the greatness of your name

For when I labor for the greatness of your name

The power of God is with my soul agreed. 

We are kindling, ragged wood, and scrub. 

We cannot be the fire, but we can burn. 

Combustibility: This is our worth.

By spark of God, we now shall warm the earth.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

Not that Christ himself is method to my gain

But that I poured out like wine might be his prize

That all I do may thunder forth his praise. 

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