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The Day of Vengeance


Some believe

The Devil

Does not exist.

In Miami, one day,

A man named Rudy Eugene

Strips off his clothes, 

In broad daylight, downtown

Picks a random homeless man 

And throws him on the ground 

And proceeds 

To eat his screaming face off 

For 18 blood soaked minutes. 

And when the officer shows up

It takes him a moment to comprehend

And then his body tenses

hand goes to his gun. 


Rudy turns and sees him. 

This bloody man who lost his soul, 

Begins to growl. And keeps on eating. 

The officer has to shoot him four times.

Four times to stop him dead.  

And the man he maimed

Will never have a face again. 

The Bible says the devil comes

To steal, kill, and destroy us all

He does unspeakable things

To teach our wide-eyed souls

To cease to breathe.  

And some believe that he

Does not exist. 

Like pressing fingers to our lips

And closing eyes and changing

Subjects. Holding ears until

The echoes cease to rummage.  

But ignorance is not defense. 

And in the end the blood soaked ground

Cries out for vengeance upon vengeance

As our bloody broken bodies

Stack to heaven.  

But this is the day of vengeance. 

And this is the day of vengeance

Of our God. There is justice for the

Faceless, there is judgment for the 

Darkness, there are consequences

For the evil things that hell has done

Through hands of men.  

For God is One. 

There is a vengeance. And sometimes 

Vengeance looks like dying on a cross

To break the bondage of the lost 

And crush the head of serpents 

As they grin and strut and floss. 


When you slice off a serpent’s head

It doesn’t even know it’s dead. 

Depending on the size of snake

It could take


But when they put those 

Iron spikes into the palms of 

Jesus Christ, two thousand 

Years ago, that's when;

The devil’s throat was slit

From east to west. 

From Genesis to Revelation.

Because Christ’s death

Was just the requisite for 

Resurrection’s entry point. 

And now the lamb who died

Now lives in those who love

And follow Him. 

You cannot kill what cannot die. 

And even if they take my life

      Another will inhale this breath 

      And Christ will rise in someone else. 

And this is a kind of vengeance.

The day of vengeance of our God. 

For the righteous falls one thousand times

And rises one thousand and one. 

And I don't care how many bullets. 

There will be a last one. 


Stephen Martyr said, moments before

They murdered him for preaching Jesus the Christ. 

"I see heaven open and the Son of Man 

Standing at the right hand of God."

Screaming they covered their ears

And rushed him. 

And dragged him outside of the city

And took up great stones

And began to bash his flesh

And break his bones. 

You see it was God 

They wanted to kill. 

And Stephen prayed, as he died,
“Lord Jesus, receive my spirit. “

And falling to his knees he cried, 

“Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” 

And when he had said this, 

He fell asleep in the arms of God.

And he went home.

And so did they.  

And I wonder what they ate

For dinner that night. 

And how many times

They washed their hands. 

And I wonder who died

That day. 

For there is no greater vengeance

Thank for the wicked 

To be left themselves. 

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