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Seek first the kingdom of God
And His righteousness.

Seek and you shall find.
Knock and the door shall be opened.
Ask and it shall be given.

And I’m not talking about
Or just when I’m desperate-seeking.
Or when-I-find-the-time-seeking.

But a lifestyle of persistence.
A poor widow begging daily
For justice. I am talking about
Seeking like you just got poisoned
And have 24 hours to find the antidote.

Hard seeking. Tear-soaked
Seeking. Fist-clenched-seeking

What is more lovely than sunrises?
The God who paints them.
Who is more lovely than the delicate
Arch of my wife’s jawline?
The God who sculpted it.
Who is more lovely than
The deepest longings of my heart,
And the poems I write, trying to
Articulate unutterable groanings?
The God who authored me
Before I ever authored anything.

Who is more worthy of all-out
Break-neck pursuit?

I want to die running. I want
To die
Hard, out of

Around death

Like those stories of Greek messengers, who
After running double marathons,
Delivered the message gasping,
And promptly died on the spot,
Because they gave every last
Molecule of everything to get there. Yes.

Everyone who seeks, finds.
No one who persists in searching
Shall leave with empty hands.

Oh taste and see
That the Lord is Good.

There is nothing better than God,
Therefore there is no better full time occupation
Than the pursuit of God. His heart
Full of mysteries, like mist against
The breast of mountain. Like fingers
Against the lips of sunrise.   

To seek and keep seeking,
Whatever that means. My life
Is spilling away, through my fingers
And I have to decide how I will spend
Every speeding second.

So seek. Like an explorer.
Like Magellan, when he
Circumnavigated the globe
At the end
He was reduced to a barely
Breathing skeleton, lost 90% of his crew,
So utterly consumed in his seeking, it flayed
The flesh right off His bones.  
And he bore the scars of it
For life.

Like that. That kind of intensity.

Circumnavigating the infinite,
A voyage that never ends.

Seek. Grope around in the dark
Until your fingers encounter

The face of love,
The lips and teeth
The cheekbones
The eyelashes
The breath

Of Almighty God
Who waits
To become
The consuming object
Of my passion

Because He
Deserves it.

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W O W !

Makes me want to leave work now and spend the rest of the day on my face!