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Where Does God Take You When You're Dreaming?

Little Eliya Grace
My baby girl
Four weeks old.

Sleeping, almond brown skin
Smooth as wind, baby wrinkles
Like ripples in air. Soft hair
Black and fine as wisps of silk --

The slightest breath
Can stir it.

I behold your face
Change like weather.
A sudden smile bright
And fading.
A sudden wrinkling up
Of the nose
And fading.

What do you see?

Where does God take you
When you’re dreaming?

Does He lead you by the hand
Flying through blue skies
To make you smile?

Does he blow dandelion fluff
Into you face
To make your nose wrinkle like that?

Then peace,
Placidity. Chubby face
Like still water
Reflecting lazy clouds.

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