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Guest Poet: The Machine

A poem by Isaiah Bradford
You are born

Then promptly forced into

The Machine

You are to only go forward

You can never go back

The Machine starts real easy

Only giving you tiny cuts every once in a while


The farther you progress into the machine

The more cuts and scrapes you get

Some get more than others

Some get one before the end that is so severe

They Die

But there are some that do survive

Then comes the end

It comes different times for different souls

The Machine has no use for you any more

It spits you out regardless of your needs

Your scars or open wounds

Don’t matter

The Machine has no Feelings

No Conscience

No Soul

Then comes your choices

The Omnipresent Omnipotent

The King of Kings

Looks at you all beaten and battered

With Compassion and Loving

He wants to take you with him back to his house

To share in his ultimate and everlasting glory

But it’s up to you

Every single decision you made in The Machine is analyzed

Those decisions decide whether you will have everlasting Glory


Everlasting Torment


I Encourage

Entreat and

Implore you to make the right decisions in The Machine

But you cannot do it on your own

Ask for help from His Mighty Omnipresence

And you will


--Isaiah Bradford

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