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Heaven’s Regular

A Christian is not radical
He is only radical in contrast.
In fact, the Christian lives God’s norm
Lives out God’s basic purpose
For life – God’s standard.

The Christian loves hard,
Loves unconditionally, sacrificially,
Loves friends, loves strangers,
People in pictures,
Adversaries. His heart can do things,
Bend into shapes, fit into places,
Impossible contortions.

The Christian loves in a way
That is normal for God.
The Christian brings the norms of heaven
To the gates of earth, and beyond,
Into the hearts of the broken and destroyed.

God is love.
Love is normal.
We walk in, breathe in love
We are immersed in love
Every day of our lives
Whether our bruised eyes
Can see it or not.

If you’ve felt the sun on your skin,
Bitten the sour-sweet flesh of plum,
Breathed deep of the free air,
Ran your fingers through green grass thick as hair,
Then you’ve felt the love of God.

The Christian loves this way.
Radical only in contrast.
But not radical at all
In actuality.

Do you want to see
What God is like?

See it in the eyes of His Christians
In the works of their hands
Healing words. A virtue so radiant
It comes from outside.
Hails from another universe
Like the light of the sun
travels millions of miles
Just to land feather light
On your eyelids:

The radiant stranger that travels to earth
Who’s touch
Makes green things grow.

This is God’s life
Glowing in the heart,
in the hands
Of God’s people.

This is normal.
This is the way
It should be.

Heaven’s regular.

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