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My failure to do what is right is always a symptom.
My root failure is always the failure to appropriate Christ in the individual moment.
Christ is the only difference between a good decision and a bad decision.
I am a tree of good or evil.
At any moment, I can bite, or I can bless.

And it depends on what I am soaking up through my roots.
Am I drinking Christ? Or have I forgotten
The law of life

That life = Christ
And myself multiplied by anything other than Christ
Is actually division.

Who am I beholding.
Who am I ignoring.
Who am I loving, who am I minding.
Who am I living towards
Who am I throwing my heart and soul and mind into.

When the trial of life comes
Do I set aside treasures
In favor of kindling?

Do I forget simple addition?
Do I guess the answer
When I am supposed to know?

Trying to arrive at the correct answer
Using an incorrect mathematical procedure
With something other than Christ
As Constant?

The equations are simple.
And they never change.
God’s math book has only one edition.

Victory = Christ
Life = Christ
Me + Christ = Life
Me – Christ = Death

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