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Unresolved Questions

If you want to know Me, obey Me.
If you want to obey Me, believe in Me.
If you want to believe in Me, look for Me.
If you want to look for Me,
Then come and see.

Look at how perverse we are.
God is the biggest thing there is.
Everything around us points to him.
And so few of us ever find Him.

He is the one we
“Get to when we have time.”

We are sick with stupidity.
Drunken with granite.
Calcified with pride.

Because we are content to live
With unresolved questions.
Big questions that cry out for our attention.
Big questions that were designed to grab our chins
Turn our faces, and gaze into our eyes.
Big questions that call to us like the mountaintop.
With the longing of the mountaintop.
Our ears are thick and overgrown.
Our minds are dim and full of sludge.
And we ignore the whispered invitations
Of reality.

We accept answers like
The Big Bang. Or whatever else.
We even accept no answers at all.
And chalk it up as unknowable
As an excuse for willful blindness
We exchange discovery for death
And the freedom to focus our energy
On dust.

Whatever is not God is dust.

We set our hearts on dust.
We eat dust. We dream dust.
We get college degrees in dust.
We weep over dust.
We worship dust.

We fill our bellies with dust.
And it leaves us hungry.
So we bury the hunger
With more fistfuls of dust. And stay
Hungry and sick.

Because dust is easy.
And God is hard.

He’s not like the Sunday Comics.
He’s more like the Rubix Cube
I gave up on a couple months ago
Not admitting defeat because
I may come back to it, sometime.
When I’m ready.

Someday. Somehow. Someway.

And that little mental somersault
Gets me off the hook.

Do you ever get homesick
For a place you’ve never been?
Where things are in correct proportion?

Is there a question gasping for air
In the underground heart?
Do you understand?

This funhouse mirror around me
Inside me.

Do you see how things
Don’t add up here?

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