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Eternity's Hiccup

We are particles
Suspended in an ocean
Of infinity.

Infinity above us:
How big is the universe?

Infinity below:
What is the smallest building block of matter?

We are the conundrum.
We defy the nature of eternity
Like a hiccup.
We are an interruption.
With our beginning and end.
Our flesh that turns to dust
When we fly away.
We are the oddity.
This place.

If there is an end to the universe,
then what lies beyond it?

If there is a smallest building block of matter,
What then, is this building block made of?

According to what we can see: Everything has a beginning and an end.
According to what we can see: Everything is made of something.

Therefore we have no language
To articulate the obvious exception to our perspective.

We have human words for it: infinity. eternity. forever.
But no real understanding of what it means.
Our brains are fish that only function in their element.
Jump into the open air, and die gasping.

We are a quandary.
Our world is an exception.
At some point, something
Came from nothing.
This is the law.
Vapor distilled into form.
Some deny this - based on science, perhaps?
In defense of their faith.

Trace the genealogy of matter
Smaller and smaller down Jacob's ladder
And you will find it never ends.
Which means it is infinity's coalescence.
Too high for me to know.
Too fine for me to sift.
With my clumsy fingers made of brain matter.
Like splitting an atom with a scalpel.

Let's agree
That there are things
That cannot be known by man.
Because of man.

Or else you can use the years you have left
Waiting for science
To explain infinity
With words and figures.

Transcribe infinity.
Paint a picture of God
With a calculator.

I don't have enough faith
To wait for that.

Perhaps they will uncover
That sound waves have the peculiar characteristic
When spoken by the right person
Of being able to create worlds and realities.

Let's agree
That knowledge of a certain kind
Requires more than the mind we have at our disposal
Can comprehend.

How can we know
The unknowable?

To know the infinite
We must have the infinite
Inside us.

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chris said...

Praise God....let's all keep trying to drill down and fall down before our Father...let's all give glory to Him who breathes our who life story into and out of existence....thank you Lord for Johnny's writing and his good gifts you give him.