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If I were confident in my identity
I wouldn't need validation
By people or winning or accomplishments

Perhaps true humility
Starts with understanding my true identity
And having a firm and grounded self image
Knowing first that I am nothing
That Christ is everything
And knowing who I am in Christ.

If these facts are settled
I won't need to pursue validation
Because the pursuit of validation
Is the evidence
That I'm not sure I'm good enough
And need to prove that I am.
And need people and circumstances
To prove it to me.

But in fact
I am not good enough.
And Christ is enough.
And that is enough.

I am who I am by the grace of God.

Which halts every attempt
To justify myself.
The pursuit of status becomes redundant.
Because I am already somebody
To the only one who matters.
I'm nobody. But somebody
Because He made me somebody.

And if I know this
If I really know this
I'll stop trying to be somebody
When I already am somebody.

Jesus was the son of God.
He didn't need the world
To agree with him.

Remember Satan's attack?
"If you are indeed the son of God, Jesus ... then do this or that."

That's how Christ was tempted.
To strive to make something true
Or to prove something true
That was already true.

To reduce objective truth
To hinge upon someone's agreement or validation of it.

The "if" was introduced by the prince of lies.

Kill the "if."
Don't let it move you.

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