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Faith Is ...

Faith is believing in Jesus Christ
And believing the whole of God's word
To the exclusion of all contradicting facts

Abraham believed God
And it was accounted to him for righteousness.

A new set of foundational facts
Equals a new kind of man.

Faith is a fact.
Either you have it or you don't.
In that sense, there is no in between
Either the switch is on or off.
Faith is a substance.

There are levels of faith.
There is weak faith
And there is strong faith.
But faith is faith.

Faith is a gift from God.
God is the author of this substance.

Faith is knowing that God is true.
And let every man be a liar
Who says otherwise.

Faith is knowing God's word is true.
Speaking as if it were true.
Living as if it were true.
Putting your weight squarely on God's facts
And standing there, not leaning
On anything else to balance you.

Faith is my tether to the future.
Things I can't see, things behind a veil
Are tied to me by a strong rope of faith.
I have things I can't see yet.
I know things I can't sense.

This is faith.

Faith is a basis for strong, effectual working
Working hard without faith
Leads to nothing but a realization
That I am neither God, nor good
That I am as broken as a transistor radio
That fell out of a helicopter
In regards to accomplishing
Something intrinsically good
With God's hand absent.

Faith is a fight. Our enemy bombards our senses
With contradicting proofs, assertions, insinuations.
Sometimes our own eyes, feelings, senses, minds
Become our enemies, used against us.

Faith will be tested. God allows it.
Contradictions will come.
Faith will overcome.

Sometimes we will feel
As if we have no faith at all.
In times like these
We need faith
That we have faith.
It's a substance.

We are troubled
We strike out at shadows
We thrash in a nightmare
Where we are drowning
My mind tells me I am drowning
In danger, in panic, fighting for air
When really, I am safe
In my bed, able to breath.

This is what the fight is like
To take fact and apply it to
To the fiction.
To master my nightmares
With truth.

Beware of even fighting
To stay alive, thrashing
When you are safe.

We must recline and rest
On the substance.
Faith is a substance.
There is a reality.
Faith is a reality.
We have more of it
Than we sometimes think.

You don't have to prove
It's there.
It is there.
It will prove itself.

Getting to it
Is sometimes
Like going limp.

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