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The Definition of Insanity

I believe the definition of insanity
Is to live on this earth
Before a perfect, omnipotent God
Who is, Himself, the single most important fact
In the universe
And go about your business
As if he didn’t exist,
Or as if He were unimportant
Or something you’ll
“Get around to.”

Only man could accomplish
Such an amazing feat.
Because man is born

Like an island man who hears screams
And hears the report
That a tsunami is coming now! Run! Run!
And this man calmly nods
And finishes scrambling his eggs
Not because he is resigned to the fact of death
But rather because the news is a detail
He considers inconvenient;
Not important enough to interrupt
His egg scrambling.

This is us. If we could be blunt,
If we could be empirical; honest
Factual; we would see this man is us
And the egg scrambling
Is everything
That God isn’t.

We have no time.

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