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To Die

Here's what I am considering today.

Jesus came to die. His life was a symphony of purpose. He did not live a moment of his life as if life were his own to live.

Our lives are generally about us. When in reality, the story we are entrenched in is not about us.

Jesus' life was not about him. In reality, he was and is the one who the story is about.

Jesus simply came to die. While he was living, he was dying every day. Dying is to become inactive and still. Jesus was inactive and still to all but the voice and purpose of God.

Jesus was dead to reputation.
Jesus was dead to a sense of entitlement.
Jesus was dead to fulfilling his own pleasures.
Jesus was dead to becoming famous or wealthy, or making people like him.
Jesus was dead to the American Dream; 4 bdr. house and white picket fence and 2.5 children.
Jesus did not live for his own interests, hobbies, passions where these things were contrary to his overall purpose for being here.

Jesus was on a mission, from the time he punched the clock and was born into this crazy world, to the time he rode the cross home.

I am considering this.

We who live in Christ are also dead and dying.
We have a purpose. We are here for a reason.

I am not here
to have the American Dream.

And for the believer in Christ
For me
The only way to truly live
Is to die.

To ride the cross
Wherever it may take me.

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