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My Life

Look closely at my life
every aspect - family, finances, relationships, work, hobbies, church.

Everythhing I have in every area of life
is becuase of Christ.

Not because of
good looks
people skills
blind luck

God has demonstrated to me
through the wrecking ball of life
that I am futile on my own
and that my best efforts
reap the wind.

Better than that
God has shown me
through the wrecking ball
that I am a tragic mess
a weak, corrupted human being
selfishness is my one law
and keeping up the appearance of goodness
my greatest trick.

But better than that
God has shown me
that the way of man is not in himself
what God teaches us through failure
God remedies through Christ.

All I have,
all that is praiseworthy in my life
is because of Christ.

Right now my life
is but a whisper of Christ
but one day
it will be a shout.

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