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The Debt

Let's say you had a CITI credit card, and owed $15,063 on it.

And let's say someone came and fulfilled your debt, paying off every penny. Out of the blue.

Would you keep paying on that card? Of course not, unless you thought it must be too good to be true. If you questioned the character or motivations of the person who allegedly paid the debt for you -- if you lacked confidence in that person -- then you might keep paying some amount, just to be sure. Or you might stash the money against the possibility that your debt might come due again. Or you might just be suspicious or worried about the whole thing ... it might keep you up at night wondering if you were scammed somehow.

But if you trusted the person who paid the debt; if you had confidence in him, if you believed his word -- really believed -- then you would be able to rest, really rest from ever having to pay that debt again.

You would be free to do something else with that monthly payment, besides hording it in fear.

You might think about that debt from time to time, but it would be in the context of gratitude -- not obligation.

It would be incredibly good news.

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